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Contrôle de qualité des bières à la Brasserie Nationale durant les années 1980

Our know-how, your guarantee of quality

From the selection of raw materials to the service of the beer, the Brasserie Nationale is committed to quality beers served the right way.

A traditional brewing process

Slow Brewing Process

The Brasserie Nationale respects the traditional Slow Brewing method. Indeed, our beers are stored and matured within 5 to 8 weeks and are not pasteurized.


This brewing method requires a primary fermentation phase of 8 days and a maturation phase of 27 days to ensure the purity of the beer, the number of days may vary depending on the type of beer. The finished beer is then stored cold before being sent to the bottling plant.


Purity law

Our brewing process is also based on the German Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot).

The purity law was commissioned in 1516, by William IV, Duke of Bavaria, and defines the three basic materials for brewing beer: water, malt (barley) and hops. Later, when yeast was discovered, it was added.

We select only certified raw materials from the Greater Region and Bavaria to guarantee the quality and taste of our beers.

Strict quality controls

To meet the requirements of consumers and the market, strict and regular controls are carried out throughout the manufacturing process, both on the ingredients and on the process itself, in order to guarantee the total quality of our products.

Quality control
Gëlle Flûte

A label of quality

The Brasserie Nationale has created the Gëlle Flûte quality label for cafés, restaurants, and hotels in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


To obtain the label, the establishments must follow a training and respect the rules of the pouring and the service of the beer.

Research & Development

Brasserie Nationale works daily on the research and development of brewing innovations.


To meet the market's expectations, we inaugurated in 2022 the De BrauAtelier microbrewery, which allows our team of experts to conduct experiments and tests for the launch of new products.

Research & Development
Brasseur responsable du BrauAtelier dans la microbrasserie

Contrôle qualité, savoir-faire de nos maîtres brasseurs, installations modernes et observation stricte de la loi de pureté, la Brasserie Nationale réunit tous les ingrédients pour vous offrir des produits de qualité exceptionnelle.

Awards & Degrees

Découvrez les différentes distinctions qui témoignent du savoir-faire de la Brasserie Nationale.

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